SIMFI ScreenshotA Unique Learning Environment
Based on a Simulation of Microfinance Institution

The ideal tool to strengthen micofinance knowledge

SIMFI is a highly interactive web-based simulation application enabling a trainer with microfinance expertise to set up a market environment, either fictitious or mocking specific market conditions, and a number of competing MFIs. The goal is to create a competitive environment where the participants compete directly with other microfinance institutions within the same market with sustainability as a main objective.

SIMFI is provided with course material (presentation) and pre-established simulation scenarii that illustrate various aspects of performance and risk inside of MFIs.


How it works

Users Who benefits?

MFI top and middle managers, microfinance support organizations, training institutions specialised in microfinance, finance and management schools.


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Key Features

  • Highly educational tool
  • Multilingual
  • Support for
    microfinance training
  • Immersive and fun to use
  • Pre-established scenarii
  • Interactive
  • Includes competition
  • Intuitive and user friendly


Practical details

  • Up to 6 teams
  • 7 stage market environment set-up from legal structure to macroeconomic data
  • Max.16 virtual quarters
  • 2 interfaces: Trainer - Trainee
  • Multilingual interface and manuals


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